Medicare Plans, Morganton, NC

We can help you determine your eligibility for Medicare Plans and choose the options that work best for you in Morganton.

Medicare Plans in Morganton, North Carolina

If you are a participant in the Medicare program, you may already know that there are many different plans to choose from. The trouble might be determining which of the Medicare plans is right for your needs. Fortunately, at Prime Benefits Insurance, we can help you determine your eligibility and the options that work best for you in Morganton, North Carolina.

When you sit down with us to discuss Medicare Plans, we’ll go over the following topics:

  • Medicare – While the original Medicare does not cover all health care costs, is does cover certain prescription drugs and many health care services. This fee-for-service plan can help with many of your medical expenses, and we can help you determine the next steps, including whether Medigap coverage would be a beneficial addition.
  • Medicare Advantage – If you would like to explore Medicare Advantage, there are several plans to choose from, and they may give you the coverage you need without a Medigap policy. Medicare Advantage may provide lower out-of-pocket costs and cover more healthcare services than the original Medicare; however, Medicare Advantage has some restrictions that we’ll need to discuss before choosing the best policy.
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans – Once your primary Medicare or Medicare Advantage policies are determined, the addition of a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan can be a beneficial add-on. We can determine if the addition of a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is a good option based on your other healthcare coverage requirements.

As the laws surrounding Medicare plans change, you’ll find our team at Prime Benefits Insurance informed and ready to help you make decisions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


At Prime Benefits Insurance, we offer Medicare plans to residents of HickoryLenoir, Charlotte, Asheville, Morganton, Conover, and the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.