Annuities, Morganton, NC

Make annuities part of your retirement savings strategy.

Annuities in Morganton, North Carolina
Saving for retirement is a significant task, and there are many different vehicles you can use to help you meet your investment goals. Annuities are one of your options, and you may have heard this term tossed around regularly when others speak of their savings goals. At the same time, you may wonder what annuities are—are they an investment account, or a savings account?

Simply put, annuities are an insurance product you can use as part of your retirement savings strategy in Morganton, North Carolina. As you work, you save money directly from your income. Following retirement, your annuity gives you a regular “paycheck” based on how much you have saved and how much you need to cover your expenses. The main benefit of annuities is that you can receive stable payments following retirement instead of managing lump-sum payments or making withdrawals from your retirement accounts.

Many types of annuities exist, and at Prime Benefits Insurance, we can help you navigate your options. To help you feel informed, one of our agents will help you choose the right fixed annuity product and help you understand the tax implications of each. We are committed to building a lifelong relationship with you, and you will discover that we are dedicated to helping you find the right retirement options.

If you have heard about annuities and want to add them to your retirement savings plan, your next step is contacting us at Prime Benefits Insurance. Give us a call today!


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